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About Vingal

Vingal Industries JSC stands for a joint venture company jointly established between Vietnam Steel Corporation (Vietnam), Delta Group (Australia) Pty Limited and Viet Steel Co., LTD (Vietnam), under the Investment License No. 1295/GP issued by the State Committee for Co-operation and Investment on June 30, 1995.

In 2012, to increase in competition business, Vingal Industries JSC shifted to Vingal Industries Joint Stock Company including main shareholders Vietnam Steel Corporation; Viet Nga Steel Co., Ltd and Viet Steel Co., Ltd

Located in 40.000 m2 with modern machineries and equipments from Europe. Vingal Industries JSC produces and trading in 03 main fields:

1.    Manufacture Black & Galvanized Steel Pipes: Capacity of 30.000 MT/year
2.    Mechical Fabrication: Capacity of 12.000 MT/year

3.    Hot dip galvanizing: Capacity of 60.000 MT/year

Having the advantaged combination of on-site between Manufacture Black & Galvanized Steel Pipes, Mechical Fabrication and Hot dip galvanizing with the biggest size of tank in Vietnam will help the products be reduce cost and be increased competitively.

Combined equippment with modern machineries and advanced technologies from Europe processing prodution is controlled quality procedures strictly base on ISO 9001:2008 issued by Intertek (USA), all products and services of Vingal Industrial JSC always strict requirements with qualities of national major projects and exporting the product to foreign countries such as Japan, USA, Canada, Netherland, Australia,…

With a guideline “Prestige – Cooperation for Development”, Vingal Industrial JSC commit to supply the highest quality products and services and will go along with customers on developing progress.

Vision and Mission

Core Values

Company Culture

History and development

Ngày 30/06/1995, Công ty liên doanh sản xuất sản phẩm mạ Vingal được thành lập, là một liên doanh giữa Tổng Công ty Thép Việt Nam, Tập đoàn Delta (Úc) và Công ty TNHH Thép Việt.

Ngày 30/01/2008, Tổng Công ty Thép Việt Nam mua lại phần vốn góp của Tập đoàn Delta (Úc)

Ngày 01/08/2012, chuyển đổi thành Công ty CP SX sản phẩm Mạ Vingal.

Ngày 28/04/2016 Công ty đổi tên thành Công ty Cổ Phần Mạ Kẽm Vingal-Vnsteel

Scope of Activities

Steel pipes production factory’s production capacity is 30.000 MT per year is equipped with pipes rolling assembly line built on modern technology and machineries of OTTO MILLS Group (Italia) and controlling systems of SIEMENS Group (Germany) for production of black, galvanized and hot dip galvanized steel pipes with high quality according to International standards such as BS (England), ASTM (USA), JIS (Japan),…

  • Round steel pipes from DN15-DN100, thickness 1.2mm – 5.0mm.
  • Squared steel from 14x14mm – 50x50mm, thickness 1.2mm – 5.0mm
  • Rectangle steel from 20x40mm = 50x50mm, thickness 1.2mm – 3.5mm.

Mechanical fabrication factory’s production capacity is 12.000 MT per year equipped with sewing, punching, cutting, welding machines for processing structures to serve:

  • Construction: scaffold system, handrails, cable trunking,…
  • Road traffic: guardrails, handrails, gantry crane, sign boards,…
  • Telecommunication: transceiver post,…
  • Residential: Steel pallet, racking system, mobile fencing, steel grating,….
  • And other building components server for industrial and residential

Hot dip galvanized factory’s production capacity is 60.000 MT per year built and based on the modern technique of DELTA Group (Australia) as an eco-friendly factory.

The hot dip galvanized kettle produced by W. PILLING (Germany) and become a biggest size of kettles in Vietnam currently:

  • The Length: 12.7m
  • The Width: 1.8m
  • The Depth: 2.6m

This big kettle is enable Vingal to galvanize a hulk components for road traffic, telecommunication, power transmissions, construction,… according to international standards of
AS/NZS (Australia), ASTM (USA),…